About Us

Williamsburg Music Center is a black owned Jazz venue that was opened in 1981 by legendary composer, conductor & musician Gerry Eastman. Gerry has worked with artists like Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Etta Jones and the Isley Brothers to name a few.

During the time of opening WMC, Williamsburg was at the peak of violence, poverty, and discrimination for People of Color living in NYC. One of the many reasons Gerry sought out to open WMC was to provide a safe space for POC musicians to perform; and to honor the African musical diaspora. 

Since it's opening, WMC has successfully hosted 400 bands within the last 38 years; including Andy Bay, Jessica Cleaves, Mavis Pool, Onasje, Frank Foster and Joe Ford.  WMC is equipped with a baby grand piano, guitars, acoustic & electric basses, drums, electric organ, and more (click here to see our backline)

Come By and Say Hi!

Come by the WMC to witness all the historical paintings, photos, vinyl and instruments within the space. Grab a drink and join us for a jam session on Friday, or come see a local/international live band Thursday-Sunday. We'd love to have you, and looking forward to meeting you! 

Find Us!

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