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A unique black-owned and musician-run business

Ever wondered how was Brooklyn in the golden era of jazz? Curious about New York musicians’ lifestyles and stories? Wish you could meet one? We've got you! Brooklyn jazz legend Gerry Eastman is the proud owner of the Williamsburg Music Center, Brooklyn’s only black-owned and musician-run nonprofit jazz institution supporting the arts since 1981. His passion for music is so deep that he lives in his own jazz club. Yeah, you read it right!

Owner & founder Gerry Eastman

Gerry founded WMC over three decades ago and has lived backstage ever since. He's been giving a platform to musicians of all generations, making sure they have a space to perform, create, and keep their beautiful tradition alive. You want some stories? He's got about 50 years of musical career to tell you about! In addition to performing with his band and welcoming all kinds of artists in his club week after week, Gerry is also active on the New York music scene as a guitarist, bassist, composer, conductor, and bandleader. He is one of the few people still around who have toured the world with jazz icons such as Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan, and Etta Jones.

Come by and say hi!

Get a chance to meet Gerry Eastman and check out WMC’s unique setting. The place has art, instruments, vinyls, and historic pictures all over the walls. Once you're done with the exhibit, have a drink, sit on a couch, relax, and enjoy our homey atmosphere as you listen to two sets of live jazz provided by some of New York's finest players. Who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to speak to some local artists as well! WMC is musician friendly and well-known in the area so a lot of them like to drop by. Looking forward to meeting you!

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