In Kenya, nearly 500 children live in prison, locked up for crimes they did not 

commit. In each of the 36 women’s prisons across the country, children age 0-4 live 

in the cells with their mothers alongside other inmates.

Very few of these facilities have a daycare, preschool or a playground, where children can play, grow and develop.


You can help!


The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation is fundraising to give children living in prison with 

their mothers a place to play. By 2021, NECF aims to install playgrounds in all 36

women’s prisons in Kenya! Over the next three years our charity will build playgrounds for 

prison communities (children living in the prisons and the warden’s children) so 

they are able to benefit from play, despite their current living situation.

Nancy always said, “Children must play!”, knowing the importance of access to 

safe, free play in child development. Please donate if you can!  

NECF is raising $100,000 to build playgrounds in 36 women's prisons across Kenya.

Four playgrounds have been completed, but we've got a long way to go!

Please help NECF bring the joy of play to children living in prison with their mothers. Donate today!