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Williamsburg Music Center
Williamsburg Music Center
  • a rare jazz nonprofit in Brooklyn

    Our mission

    WMC is proud to be a one-of-a-kind musician-run and black-owned nonprofit in Brooklyn. Our mission is to provide artists with a platform to express themselves freely and every single customer's visit helps us reach that goal.

    Saxophonist Aaron Burnett

    Patron of the arts membership

    If supporting the arts is a cause that speaks to you and you wish to do more, you can join our Patron of the arts community by purchasing a membership card. Our $25 tax-deductible membership includes drink discounts and special offers. You can get your card anytime you want at WMC. Just ask our lovely bartender!

    Free artist membership

    WMC is proud to offer a free membership to all artists who wish to join its community. If you are a professional musician, dancer, poet, etc., come by and get your membership card, which includes drink discounts, booking opportunities, and more. A simple gesture to acknowledge your invaluable contribution to the world!

    Help Our Cause

    If you'd like, you can make a tax-deductible donation here to help our 501c organization. WMC thanks you warmly for supporting the arts!  

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    The Williamsburg Music Center is a unique jazz club in Brooklyn, New York. Suscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned to our black-owned and musician-run nonprofit organization.