High-quality live recording

Get a great live recording of your band!

WMC is thrilled to have a full-time audio engineer in residence, and a performance space with amazing acoustics.  We're happy to offer two recording options:

Record Your Live Performance: $75

If you have a performance booked at WMC, you can get a live recording for just $75! To book a performance at WMC, please contact us at wmcgerry@gmail.com or by phone at (718) 384-1654.

Private Recording Session: $150

If you'd prefer to schedule a private recording session, please drop us a line at wmctoni@gmail.com or by phone at (901) 316-6408.

Please bring your own storage media (USB drive, external hard drive) so we can provide you with your audio files.

Questions? Contact Us!

Our Equipment


  • 6 Shure SM58
  • 1 Telefunken M80
  • 2 Coles 4038 (Pair)
  • 1 Sennheiser XS Wireless


  • 5ft Grand Piano
  • Acoustic Upright Bass
  • Ampeg BA 115
  • Fender Concert Amp
  • Boss Katana 100
  • B3 Hammond Organ
  • Full Drum Set


Apollo 8 Thunderbolt

Resident Audio Engineer: Toni Williams

Toni Williams


B.A., Howard University, 2012

Audio Production for Radio Television and Film 

M.A. New York University, 2015

Music Technology