Performance Space Rental

Host your next performance, CD release party, podcast, poetry session, comedy show, book signing or reading at Williamsburg Music Center in Brooklyn.

WMC has a beautiful performance space for rent, and unmatched acoustics to help make your next event at the jazz club incredible!  

Contact us below for availability and rates.

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Our Equipment


  • 6 Shure SM58
  • 1 Telefunken M80
  • 2 Coles 4038 (Pair)
  • 1 Sennheiser XS Wireless


  • 5ft Grand Piano
  • Acoustic Upright Bass
  • Ampeg BA 115
  • Fender Concert Amp
  • Boss Katana 100
  • B3 Hammond Organ
  • Full Drum Set


Apollo 8 Thunderbolt